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Timber plantation shutters offer a classic design aesthetic that suits a variety of interiors. They are extremely strong whilst also significantly lighter in weight than those made of PVC. Not only does this allow for greater durability, it also allows for the shutters to be of a greater width without the risk of sagging. Extending up to 1000mm, wood shutters can fit most modern and traditional windows without the need of using additional panels. This achieves a much cleaner look and enhances the view without compromise.


The timber used to make plantation shutters is harvested from trees specifically grown for the manufacturing of the window treatment. This makes them a more environmentally conscious product over PVC and aluminium which has a high carbon footprint.


Timber shutters are also considered one of the best window treatments for insulation. They’ll help to keep your home cool in the hot summer months and warm in winter. The finish of the timber is also splash resistant, allowing them to be used in bathrooms and laundries where water may come into contact with the louvres.

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As a more superior and desirable product, timber plantation shutters command a slightly higher price than PVC shutters.


Just as the paintwork in your home needs refreshing, timber shutters may require repainting or touch-ups over time. Typically, this won’t be required for about 15 years and is a relatively easy process to undertake.

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